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According to Murphy’s First Law, “if something can go wrong, it will”. What can happen to you if

your name is David Murphy and your family’s recent past is marked by a tradition of misfortune

and catastrophe? You’ll have to learn to cope on your own.

An easy-going auxiliary fireman from Roxanne County, Texas, David Murphy leads a normal life,

until he receives a phone call that will change his destiny in an unexpected way. For ever. From that moment onwards, David Murphy finds himself at the centre of a series of catastrophes on the scale of tornadoes and aeroplane hijackings (and that’s just for starters!) – the right man in the wrong place.

What does Fate hold in store for David? And why does the whole world seem to be unleashing its fury against him? The answers can be found in the series by Roberto Recchioni and Matteo Cremona, resplendent in a fantastic new cover by Gabriele “Secret War” Dell’Otto, one of Marvel Comics’ best-loved artists.


Technical info

• It’s a four issue miniseries produced by Panini Comics which contains a complete saga

• Every book has black & white stories in 16x21 format

• Stories are 96 pages each

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Latest News

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