Facts & Files

• A new comic-book line starring the most famous Marvel Heroes. From Spider-Man to the Fantastic Four, from the Avengers to Iron Man and Hulk.

• Stories are placed out from the original continuity and are a perfect jumping in point for your youngest audience! First time readers, will understand everything at first glance.

• This line is perfect for your co-marketing ops with TV channels airing Marvel cartoons, food companies, videogames.


Technical info

• We have six ongoing series for sale: SPIDERMAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, AVENGERS, IRON MAN, HULK and SUPER-HEROES.

• Every issue has 22 pages of story and artwork.

• Marvel Adventures are originally published in two different formats: the classical 17x26 cm. And the 13x20 digest (for the reprints)

• 140 issues and 30 books available to date.

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