A masterpiece by Frank “Sin City” Miller!

Elektra Lives Again is a comic book masterpiece by Frank Miller, creator and director of 300 and Sin City. Frank Miller is responsible for the creation of the Marvel character Elektra, a ninja killer for the evil Hand. She betrayed the Hand after learning their skills then going solo. The Hand came after her and eventually the crazy villain Bullseye fatally wounded her and she died in the arms of his ultimate lover Daredevil, aka the blind lawyer Matt Murdock. In this wonderful graphic novel, Miller takes back Elektra in Daredevil’s life. Matt is attempting to come to terms with his loss and he’s haunted by nightmares and memories of Elektra tortured by her one-time victims, memories of their love that he can't have anymore. He soon learns why these feelings are filling his head. She's back, but for how long?

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