Everything you know about this world is not just a lie, it's a clever fairy tale meant to keep you in line, fat and believing all those fabricated news stories on television. The truth? Super-humans walk among us. You seen them everywhere you go probably. That guy at the bus stop, the one dressed in the sharp suit? He can lift that bus. That cute girl at the coffee shop? She could break every blood vessel in your brain with just a thought.

Known to only a choice few, these "Ultra-Sapiens" are a genetic super race living in secret amongst us. They have been doing so since the late 1940s when a brilliant scientist invented a genetic coding process. The process involved branding ordinary men and women with a tattoo-like graft, called a "technoderm," which genetically altered the subjects and granted them super human abilities. These men and women became walking weapons of mass destruction whose habits and movements had to be monitored constantly to ensure the safety of the entire planet.

Since that time, every major war, conflict or international news story involved Ultra-Sapiens in one fashion or another. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? There were no missile, no nuclear stockpile. The real threat was from an army of Ultra-Sapiens looking to over throw the United States government. And the best part of it all? They succeeded.

In order to maintain control and the balance of world power there was an urgent need to track and monitor all know Ultra-Sapiens. Unfortunately, all this data was lost when a small group of rogue Ultra-Sapiens decided to rebel against those in a position of authority. The rogues had grown tired of being used as weapons and more importantly, being treated like weapons. Their defection was an effort to reclaim their humanity.  After the defection, hundreds of Ultra-Sapiens went off the grid.  Hundreds of walking hand grenades moving around, unchecked and a danger to everyone they met. The Hunter-Killer program was created in order to once again track and contain these Ultra-Sapiens. Hunter-Killers are Ultra-Sapiens themselves, working with those in authority to track, contain and if necessary, neutralize any unregistered Ultra-Sapien who proves to be a threat.

Sound ridiculous? You're not the only one to think so. A young man named Ellis thought the same thing you do and like you, he had been lied to his entire life. All that changed the day the Hunter-Killers showed up at his door and his parents started lobbing napalm from their hands and turning into giant armor-clad beasts. Ellis discovered he was just like his parents, he was an Ultra-Sapien. In fact, probably the most important Ultra-Sapien that ever was. Now he knows the truth. At least, he thinks he does.

Up to 12 color issues available.

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