Next March, the brand new issue of Diabolik, titled  "I segreti di Morben" ("Secrets of Morben"), will be centered on Eva Kant. Not by chance, since her debut on the series is dated March 1963. Fifty years on, she is still by the King of Terror's side.
In this episode, Eve relives the most painful episodes of her youth within the unfamous Morben College, with the nice and brave Dolores as her only friend.
The story, written by Mario Gomboli, Tito Faraci, and Andrea Pasini, is illustrated by Emanuele Barison, Giorgio Montorio, and Luigi Merati, while a long flashback sequence has been drawn by Giuseppe Palumbo. Palumbo had already depicted Dolores ten years ago, for a special episode titled "Quando Diabolik non c'era" ("When Diabolik Wasn't There"), but this is this debut on the regular series. Thus, he's been exceptionally asked to draw its cover too.

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