As explained in the introductions to the WORK IN PROGRESS graphic novel, DK is an alternate Diabolik. Or, if you prefer, an alternative to the classic Diabolik. He moves in a parallel, more post-modern world; he uses a new Jaguar instead of his usual E-Type; in the final and yet to be published his mythical stare will be crossed by a mysterious scar. He's stilla ruthless thief, though; he's still being chased by a police detective very similar to Ginko, he'll meet an Eva Kant lookalike whose psychological profile will turn out to be the opposite to the Eva we already know.

The differences are even clearer if we look at the script (shorter and action-packed, Marvel style) and in the colourful art (ditto).

The original format of the pages is the American one (although it will be "reduced" for the perfect binding edition), and so is its structure, made of 20-page chapters. As of now the first eight chapters are ready, and more may come... accordingly to the reactions of both the readers and the potential co-publisher.

The story of this first series is by Mario Gomboli, while Tito Faraci wrote the plots; art is by Giuseppe Palumbo. If the series will continue, it's likely that new writers and artists will be added to the team.

The character and logo DK are copyright Astorina Srl.

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