Monthly, Colour, 16x21 cm, 96 pages.

Lukas is back from the grave and he has no memory whatsoever of his past... And now he is in an unknown city, where he must face sinister creatures and put together the pieces of the puzzle that is his own past. Meanwhile, the cult of the Ridestati (Reawakened) is on his trail to settle a score that dates back to many years ago.

Writer Michele Medda and artist Michele Benevento are back together after the mini-series Caravan to create a dark, thrilling "urban fantasy" mixing together classic fantasy themes with a contemporary thriller-noir pacing.

Lukas' saga will be divided into two twelve-issue story-arcs, for which a cast of talented young artists has been put together: along with Benevento there will be Luca Casalanguida, Massimiliano Bergamo, Vincenzo Acunzo, Frederic Violante, Andrea Borgioli, Fabio Detullio and Werner Maresta.

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