Monthly, B/W, 16x21 cm, 110 pages.


le Storie…  all the faces of Adventure


«A new series of unique, original, adventurous comics stories...». That’s how, back in 1976, Sergio Bonelli introduced the “flagship” of his already huge production, at the time collected under the trademark of Edizioni Cepim. The series Un uomo un’avventura was just that: a meticulous choice of the “best” — the best-liked and most inventive authors, the most exotic settings, the cleverest narrative solutions... It can hardly be denied that a thin – and solid – thread links that enterprise to le Storie. A monthly series that tells everything upfront, already with its own name: each book will be a homage to the ancient art of storytelling, of evoking emotions, of the recreation of “mind sceneries” where we can roam without boundaries. And obviously, everything always under the sign of Adventure. This will be the “keyword” we’ll delve in each and every month, to explore all its nuances, up to its less straightforward elements. We will travel through space and time, through the “scenarios” provided by History and the alleys of unbounded fantasy, through jungles and deserts, but also inside the unfathomable mazes of the psyche, between genius and madness, love and revenge…The seed is deeply sown in the field of the Bonelli tradition, but which fruits will grow on its highest and furthest branches... that’s unforeseeable! Since 1976, a lot of things happened, the world has changed and so have the taste, the “trends”, the characters and the language of fiction. Side by side with stories permeated by a nostalgic exoticism you’ll find sci-fiction escapades, next to the Crime Story there will be the Horror, the eternal War saga will change places with the Gangster Story, the Fantasy and – and why not? – the Western... and so on, following a track that runs free through all the territories – the “genres”, if you like – the fantasy of our Storytellers was able to conceive. The only constant feature? The professional care and the creative passion that first-rate authors of the comics world will put into the realization of these compact works. They’ll all work towards the same goal, timeless just like the art of narration: to involve, move and entertain their readers.





What’s the idea that underlies Le Storie?

Le Storie it’s a series without a recurrent hero; therefore, the authors are allowed to publish the stories they’d always wanted to tell. Enjoying an absolute freedom, they are creating comic books – featuring beautiful art by many of the “big names” of our Publishing House, and also by other artists – that will take us to live every sort of adventure, having History as its setting, or emerging from the cauldron of Imagination.

The format of the albums will be as usual?

Yes, it will be the “canonical” format… for Tex’s readers! Meaning that each episode will consist of 110 pages, therefore bigger than our other monthly issues, that offer 94 pages of comics. Since all the books will be self-concluded, we thought the authors could use a few more pages, to “breathe”, and to tell us about a new hero and a new environment each month in the best way they can.

What was the original sparkle for a series like this?

The idea that Mauro Marcheselli, the creator of the series, submitted to Sergio Bonelli when Le Storie was discussed for the first time, was the preparation of a certain amount of comic books following the template of Un uomo un’avventura — a series that won the heart of many comics lovers. The formula of the hard-cover comic books, though, never sold enough in our country to guarantee an easy life at the newsstands. That’s why Le Storie became a series of short novels, in the classic Bonelli format, featuring single stories from all the genres, created by the main authors of the Publishing House, with the addition of a few "guest star", writers and artists alike.
For the first time on the monthly Bonelli albums, the cover has the names of the authors. Why?

Though it is a monthly series with a “mainstream” format, Le Storie – due to its free structure, without a main hero that lives a different adventure each month – tries to offer stories that won’t stay away from the Bonelli “trademark”, but where the personality of their authors will clearly emerge. So we thought it was the right choice to highlight their role, putting their signature right on the cover of the books.

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