Monthly, B/W, 16x21 cm, 96 pages.

"Dragonero", a brand new Sergio Bonelli Editore monthly series, will debut on June 11, 2013.Created and written by Luca Enoch & Stefano Vietti, and designed by Giuseppe Matteoni (who will be responsibile for all the covers too), the series is about the imperial scout Ian ArĂ nill, also known as "Dragonero" (Black Dragon), and his dangerous missions thorugh the savage lands of his world. Along with him we'll find a powerful ogre called Gmor and a young elf named Sera. Ian belongs to a renowed family of dragon slayer, and always carries with him his own, legendary (and magical) sword, called "tagliatrice crudele" (cruel cutter).The series hails from the eponymous graphic novel, the first of the Romanzi a fumetti series, originally published in 2007. Thanks to its success, now it has become a regular series. It takes place in a realistic and consisten fantasy world, similar to the Middle Ages, with a central empire and different races such as Humans, Ogres, Elves, Dwarves and many others.

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