This trail was opened up, in 1987, by the Almanacco del Mistero [Mystery Alamanac], inevitably "sponsored" by Martin Mystère. Then, in 1991, it was followed by the Almanacco della Paura [Almanac of Fear], which was linked - how could it have been otherwise ? - to the horror-pervaded world of Dylan Dog. Finally, to satisfy the pressing requests of thousands of readers, Sergio Bonelli decided to broaden the "Almanac Project" to include some of the most significant characters and genres of the Publishing House, as well as the 'classics' Martin Mystère and Dylan Dog: the West, with Tex; Adventure, with Mister No and Zagor; Science Fiction, with Nathan Never; Thrillers, with Nick Raider… In the summer of 1993, it was actually the Almanacco del Giallo [Thriller Almanac] that officially inaugurated a two-monthly collection whose basic approach - which was very favorably received by the public - has not changed since then. Thus in addition to a previously unpublished comic strip containing a complete story about the hero from whom the strip takes its title, the Almanacco offers a critical excursus on the best films and books seen and read during the previous twelve months (thematically linked to the publication), accompanied by a vast and extensively illustrated collection of articles, news flashes and short essays. In 176 pages (192 for the Almanacco di Martin Mystère), it provides fascinating insight into the innumerable genres and multifaceted emotions that make up the mosaic of popular fiction.

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