18 issues limited series,16X21 cm, 96 pgs, b/w

Raymond “Ray” Cassidy. 42, a well-trained body and a mind ready for action, is a strong, determined man, with a past in the army. He’s a consummate professional who has devoted himself to theft and robbery with great skill, but he’s never unnecessarily violent. His “M.O.” is ruled by a strict and personal “code of honor”: Ray’s jobs are planned as commando operations, avoiding – unless he’s forced to – the involvment of the "civilians", as he refers to the law-abiding citizens. No shooting on civilians, no taking civilians as hostages – these are Ray’s rules. 

If necessary, Cassidy can be ruthless, but he’s never unwarrentedly cruel, a fact that makes him well-respected in the criminal circles. One of his peculiar habits is to always wear the same black suit, and always wear his wedding ring during his jobs. His car is a black, NOS-boosted Dodge Aspen 360 V8 coupé, that allows him to shake every cop off his back. His more frequent partners in crime are the big and wise Juan Cuervo and Aaron “Ace” Gibson, ladies’ man, thief and gambler extraordinaire. Two friends, as far as one can be a friend in the world of crime, that will share many of Cassidy’s adventures. On the night of August 16, 1977 (the same night when the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, died in Graceland), Raymond Cassidy, after a robbery ended the wrong way, finds himself severely injured, on his Dodge riddled with bullets. He doesn’t know yet that he’s going to meet his fate...


Pasquale Ruju, creator of the series.
Born in Nuoro in 1962, after graduating in high-school in Arts,  got his B.A. in Architecture in Turin. A lover of theater and cinema, he graduated at Laboratorio Teatrale di Torino. Later, he worked with "Ipotesi Cinema", the documentary film school founded by Ermanno Olmi, creating several short films, "Password", and the feature film "Tempo di mezzo". After several theatrical and tv experiences, he works in dubbing since 1989, giving his voice to many characters of animated tv series and cartoons. His début in the world of comics was in 1995, when he wrote the short story "Il vicino di casa" for Dylan Dog, contained in Dylan Dog Gigante N°4. He since wrote more than 70 scripts for the Nightmare Investigator series, as well as several other stories for Nathan Never, Tex and Dampyr, and his mini-series Demian, whose firs issue was in May 2006. For Demian, he wrote all the 18 episodes, and a special (the first of four) that will be published soon.

Paolo Armitano, artwork creator

Elisabetta Barletta, artwork creator

Andrea Borgioli, artwork creator

Luigi Cavenago, artwork creator

Maurizio Di Vincenzo, artwork creator

Davide Furnò, artwork creator

Gianluigi Gregorini, artwork creator

Alessandro Poli, cover illustrator of the series. 

Luigi Siniscalchi, artwork creator

Fabio Valdambrini, artwork creator



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