After Nathan Never and Legs Weaver, the other extremely efficient members of the Agenzia Alfa also gained the right to a series of their own: at first yearly, and then twice yearly, thanks to the fertile imagination of the indefatigable Serra, Medda & Vigna and their co-workers. So readers can now follow the individual or collective endeavors of Nathan and Legs' colleagues: the secretary Janine Spengler, the computer freak Sigmund Baginov, the burly Al Goodman, the robot Link, the playboy Andy Havilland, the two sisters May and April Frayn and the enigmatic Jack O'Ryan, the man whose disfigured face is hidden by a new artificial face. A veritable task-force of science fiction musketeers who, in the name of justice, do not hesitate to take on truly impossible missions, including comets that have been forced off their orbit, sentient computers and incredible cosmic phenomena!

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