Monthly, Colour, 16x21 cm, 96 pages.

Adam Wild is a Scottish explorer who operates in Black Africa at the end of the XIX century. Though the British implemented the abolition of slavery in many African states, in the subequatorial areas of the Continent the slave trade, managed by the Arabs, is still going on towards the Middle East, as well as – in a different shape – towards the West, where the “human zoos” became increasingly more popular.

These (and others) are the wrongs that our Adam Wild fights against; his explorations become also a slave liberation effort, where he must take on the role of the freedom fighter.

Adam Wild is the new creation of Magico Vento writer Gianfranco Manfredi, in team with a talented crew of artists like: Vladimir "Laci" Krstic, Antonio Lucchi, Alessandro Nespolino, Darko Perovic, Paolo Raffaelli, Stevan Subic, Zoran Tucić. An action saga with solid historical and anthropological basis for the adventures in which there will be constant forays into a fictional and adventurous realm. 

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