Hit Moll

© Sergio Bonelli Editore.

By Luca Enoch and Andrea Accardi
A merciless story. An unrelenting character, ready for everything to fulfill her dream.
Corinne is a young girl living in an unspecified locality in the south of France. She finds herself taking care of his father, a Mafia killer unable after an ischemic disease. 
Wanted by police and hunted by his racquet’s ex-friends, he’s forced to lie low, helped by his illegitemate daughter which nurse him for any need. More, she takes over, anonymously, his activity of killer as to pay his absconding and the expensive care he needs.
An anomalous contract, with a quadruple target, is a flash of hope to drop everything and follow a dream she shares with his father, since she was a child: fly to Fiji Islands and begin a new life together.
A dream which will shatter on a wall of betrayal and that will bring an unforgiving revenge.

B/W, 16x21 cm, 220 pages.

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