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By Luca Enoch, Giuseppe Matteoni and Stefano Vietti
The first volume in the “Bonelli graphic novels” series, Dragonero - with its 296 pages - takes us to  bona fide “fantasy” territory… Beyond the civilised lands of Erondàr, beyond the cyclopic wall separating the Empire from the Land of the Dragons, the Towers of Stone are crumbling. One by one, the gigantic monoliths give way under the furious thrusts of an evil force. The Ancient Prohibition, the seal which chains the Abomini inside their dark world, is about to be shattered. The wizard Alben knows what he must do.

Starting from June 2013 the adventures of the characters of Dragonero will be published in a monthly series of the same name.

B/W, 16x21 cm, 296 pages.

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