The year in which Martin Mystère reached his tenth year of happy presence on new-stands also saw the birth of Zona X, a bulky album that came out every four months (but it would later be transformed into a bi-monthly and subsequently monthly publication). Within the space of 196 pages, Zona X hosted two complete stories "on the boundaries of the possible", presented, or purportedly sponsored, by the detective-archaeologist-traveler created by Alfredo Castelli. Respecting the motto ""throw the gates open to fantasy", over time Zona X offered self-contained stories, series and mini-series that shared the common feature of the unusual, the bizarre, the inexplicable. For instance, "Magic Patrol", whose protagonists are several members of the mysterious Elsewhere base; "La stripe di Elän", the first Bonellian fantasy revolving around the feats of a group of figures who journey back and forth between Earth and a magic world where technology has progressed no further than the sixteenth century; "Legione stellare", a space-opera set in the entire galaxy of the Thirtieth century; "Robinson Hart", an intrepid time policeman, who wanders around between ancient Rome, Arthurian Brittany and the wild West…

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