16X21 cm, 96 pgs, b/w
Devoted to the high-risk exploits of a New York Homicide Squad agent, the Nick Raider series filled what risked becoming a veritable gap in the Italian comic strip market. Not since the times of "Pattuglia dei senza paura" (1948) had our Publishing House produced an album specifically focusing on investigative themes. Structured on the same basis as the 87th Precinct novels (by the American author Ed McBain) and television series such as "Starsky & Hutch", Nick's adventures proved be to much appreciated by the vast reading public keen on detective stories. The contents, created by Claudio Nizzi who had already authored a number of successful Tex episodes, range from pure investigative mysteries to action-packed thrillers, without ever neglecting the need for a proper plot and logical coherence. To complete the picture, there are a number of other characters who cooperate with Nick in ensuring the positive outcome of the investigations: for instance his black partner Marvin Brown, who is always ready to "shoot" out a salvo of wisecracks, old Lieutenant Rayan, gruff yet likeable, Captain Vance, constantly contending with his tyrannical wife, the young bespectacled Jimmy, the little informer Alfie, the huge Lieutenant Bowmann of the police laboratory and the garrulous Doctor Blum, the forensic pathologist.

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