16X21 cm, 96 pgs, b/w

Jonathan Steele is a private investigator who operates in a world that mysterious events have profoundly and abruptly changed: in 2020 (the year in which his adventures take place) modern technology on Earth has had to learn to coexist with magic. Twenty-four years old, an Australian by birth, Jonathan Steele - subject and scripts by Federico Memola - works on behalf of an very special investigative agency, which has its headquarters in Paris although it operates world-wide. In addition to chasing down normal criminals, Jonathan often finds himself having to deal with creatures of the fantastic (inspired both by traditional fantasy and ancient mythology), wizards, witch-doctors, and a kaleidoscope of really extraordinary situations. While frequently moving on the margins of the law, Jonathan Steele is a positive hero, a pragmatic very independent-minded individual fully accustomed to facing all sorts of unexpected predicaments. Two fascinating girls assist him in his investigations. They are quite different from each other, both in their appearance and their character: one is the sophisticated Jasmine Rashad (of Pakistani nationality, but born and brought up in Germany), a top model who has a degree in archaeology and is an expert in esoteric arts, while the other is the high-spirited Myriam Leclair, a Canadian photo-reported endowed with magic powers.

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