16X21 cm, 96 pgs, b/w

In the tradition of the great "historic" protagonists of our Publishing House (Tex and Zagor, above all), here is a modern protagonist who once again lives a life of Adventure with a capital A. But who is Gregory? Well, the title of the first Album already says it all. Gregory belongs to a special corps (the Space Rangers, obviously) that upholds law and justice in a cosmos crammed full of aliens and dire threats of all kinds. In this amazing environment, human beings - the only ones in possession of the secret of hyperspatial motion that lets you travel faster than the speed of light - are a dominating power. A new Frontier, in other words, that calls for men who will shrink at nothing and endowed with enormous experience. And then there's another "character" - yes it's a veritable character although it's only a mechanical object - namely Gregory and Badger's space ship, the "Jolly Roger". Superfast and equipped with a short retractable tower armed with small cannons, the "Jolly Roger" is the only fixed scenario of our heroes' stories, as they travel constantly from one planet to another. And of course, there's no lack of baddies… from Kraken's ruthless star hunters to fiendish criminals who hold sway over entire planets. Gregory will find himself in dire straits quite a few times in endeavouring to re-establish justice so that he can start off again, together with Badger, on his never-ending peregrinations around the cosmos in search of a way to free himself of the curse that weighs heavily on his shoulders...

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