Created by Luca Enoch, Gea is an orphaned fourteen-year-old girl with an obscure past. She lives along in a great big loft in an imaginary metropolis, together with her inseparable cat Cagliostro. Gea plays the bass guitar in a rock band, she dresses according to the "dark" look, she has a huge library of books full of ancient texts, she rides a moped, she does kendo for sports (an ancient Japanese martial art), and collects CDs and old vinyl records. But behind her appearance as a fragile and saucy young girl, Gea hides a great secret: she is a Bulwark, a sort of "sentinel", and her mission is to defend the Earth against the intrusion of beings from other dimensions, beings which are sometimes scared and disoriented, sometimes bellicose and evil, and thus seriously determined to invade our planet. These are the beings Gea has to battle against, on the pages of her six-monthly series, deploying all her grit and determination and, above all, her magic sword, that emanates rays of pure energy!

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