16X21 cm, 96 pgs, b/w

His name is whispered in awe in Marseilles back alleys, and in many Mediterranean ports. He's feared by criminals, respected and admired by the people he saved the life of. His strange purple eyes are seemingly able to see the thoughts of the people he talks to, and they can make who has a guilty conscience feel uneasy. His past is mostly a mystery, but his body carries a permanent mark of previous experiences. On Demian's chest, just above the heart, there's a scar in the shape of a sword: someone says it's the crest of a legendary knights' class, called “Fraternité”, that Demian could be a member of... An 18-issue miniseries, written by Pasquale Ruju, telling Demian's adventures, in a dark, hard-boiled atmosphere, going from Marseilles to wherever justice is needed.

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