Top Bonelli news for the first quarter of 2013

Maxi Zagor 19: I sabotatori
Plot and script: Ade Capone
Artwork: Gaetano and Gaspare Cassaro
Cover: Gallieno Ferri
Thousands of workers are building the Erie Canal, a waterway that will connect the American North-Eastern coast with the Great Lakes. Among them, many forced-labour convincts, but also corrupt men who’re looking for easy money, thanks to the movement of cash, goods and people created by the works. There are also mysterious saboteur who are trying to hinder the excavation. Who are they? Why are they acting this way? And, above all, what’s the connection between the continuous accidents and the story of explorer Henry Hudson who, centuries ago, was looking for the legendary Northwest Passage? Zagor is here to investigate, and to fight...

Almanacco del West 2013: La pista dei fuorilegge
Plot and script: Mauro Boselli
Artwork: Carlos Gomez
Cover: Claudio Villa
In the middle of the parched and desolated mountains at the Arizona-New Mexico border, you can find the sleepy hamlet called Clifton, a poor community that barely manages to survive thanks to its copper mine: it’s not an appetizing prize, but the men of the Johnson gang who are running away from the rangers cannot be too picky. It’s just their bad luck that a band of merciless Apache rogues is hiding in the same mountains... For Tex and his pards’, entrusted with the task of deliver Johnson and co. to justice, this will be an unpleasant obstacle, while Clifton town will find itself caught in the crossfire. Almanacco 2013 also feature 66 pages of full-color files about John Sturges, Rin Tin Tin, Ciuffetto Rosso and the merry tribe of the little indians, and all about books, movies, comics, TV series and videogames of the Western year.

Maxi Dylan Dog 18
Plots and scripts: Andrea Cavaletto, Giuseppe De Nardo, Giancarlo Marzano
Artwork: Luigi Picatto
Cover: Angelo Stano
Three brand-new Dylan Dog stories drawn by Luigi Picatto! In the first one,
some stuntmen die on the set of several movies, where they played dangerous parts; is it a series of tragic coincidences, or is there somebody who’s disposing of these peculiar characters, one after another, just as were an endangered species? In the second one Dylan Dog agrees to help a famous lawyer to exonerate his client, who stands accused of the murders of some of his colleagues; unfortunately, though, he cannot fathom that – beyond a case that most consider already solved – there’s a hidden and shocking truthe, impossible to bring to court. In the last story, our hero has to deal with a mysterious and lethal pair of shoes!

Nathan Never Gigante 16: L'impero dei mutati
Plot and script: Mirko Perniola
Artwork and cover: Max Bertolini
Cover: Max Bertolini
The last survivors of the Mutated race, Branko and his daughter are caught by a well-trained commando, that employs an ESPer’s abilities to vanquish Kay and her huge psychic powers. Some time later, in the Convertillo de la Selva, after a raid by an unidentified army that cancelled at once all the "primeiros" of the area, Dr. Grey finds the corpse of a mutated man that he identifies as Branko. The doctor contacts Agenzia Alfa, and Nathan and May go to the Convertillo to understand what’s happening there, only to find themselves involved in the dangerous raving of a madman called Haggerty...

Zagor Speciale 25: L'uomo di Maverick
Plot and script: Antonio Zamberletti
Artwork: Marcello Mangiantini
Cover: Gallieno Ferri
The ruthless gang of Peter Jolt, a.k.a. the Dutchman, after spreading death in Darkwood, snatches the young Alison from his family, to bring her to Averno, a mysterious ghost town that became a haven for the worst outlaws of the area.The Dutchman’s tracks are followed by Zagor, Cico and Marshal Danfort. With the help of a small group of brave men, they’ll have to free Alison before she’s sold to the Natives.

Almanacco della paura 2013: La cara mamma
Plot and script: Giancarlo Marzano
Artwork: Giovanni Freghieri
Cover: Angelo Stano
A serial killer with a habit of collecting the heads of the young women he murders is spreading terror in all of London. Going on an investigation following the murderer’s tracks, Dylan Dog is helped by the ghost of a mysterious female entity. All the clues seem to point in the same direction: the boss of the Old Boy’s girlfriend. This year’s Almanacco also features 82 pages of full-color files about the “cursed stories” of cinema and literature, Neil Gaiman, the creator of Sandman, and the most spine-chilling anthological movies, as well as the usual overview on horror books, movies, TV series and videogames of the year!

Maxi Nathan Never 9
Plots and scripts: Bepi Vigna, Gigi Simeoni.
Artwork: Romeo Toffanetti, Gigi Simeoni.
Cover: Roberto De Angelis
Three new investigations for Nathan, from the streets of East City to the desolated lands of the Margin! Deathly killers, ghosts from the past, endangered witnesess, betrayals, creatures with monstuous stength and revolutionary warriors are just some of the dangers he will have to face.

Dylan Dog Color Fest 10: Altroquando
Plots and scripts: Alessandro Bilotta, Antonio Serra, Chiara Caccivio, Giovanni Gualdoni
Artwork: Paolo Martinello, Alessandro Bignamini, Raul & Gianluca Cestaro, Luca Raimondo
Coloring: Paolo Martinello, Overdrive Studio
Cover: Davide De Cubellis
Four steps in the Otherwhen for the Nightmare Investigator! Four brand-new and full-colored investigations for Dylan Dog, from the XVII Century to a dystopian, dark future.

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